Don't forget the Feast of St. Basil the Great. "They [the Arians...think Modernists] have the churches, but we [orthodox traditional Catholics not in union with the heretics] have the faith."



  1. Dear St. Basil The Great, I agreed with you and I pray for their conversion everyday BUT I CAN'T SIT AND WAIT FOR THOSE WOLVES EATING THE SHEEP ALIVE FOR DECADES. Help us to take back the church and clean them up. I have the right and the obligation to defend myself and my property if the robbers got inside my house with intention to kill me, my family, and rob our asset. No way, my dear Saint. I love you but I will fight to the last drop of my blood. RISE UP ALL YOU WHO CLAIMED TO BE CATHOLICS. DEFEND THE TRUE HOLY CATHOLIC DOCTRINES AND CLEAN UP THE WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING. THEY ARE NOT CATHOLICS BUT FREEMASONS aka LUCIFERIANS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER WHICH IS THE RELIGION OF THE JEWISH KABBALAH AND BAAL. LOOK AT THE FRUIT TO KNOW THE TREE.

    NEW WORLD ORDER is COMMUNISM of the Talmudic Satanic Synagogue of Satan that is the Beast of the End Time. It's in the last book of the Bible. They were warned, exposed and cursed by Jesus Christ for 2000 years over. Why nobody noticed that???!!!

  2. The article states: "It has always happened in the History of the Church that when the ideal of poverty is raised, some have exaggerated it and arrived at a bad consequence, which is to combat the pomp and richness of the institution of the Church. For example, after St. Francis of Assisi preached his ideal of poverty, some Franciscans initiated the Fraticelli heresy, which was communist, went against the right of private property, and was opposed to any notion of honor, pomp, and brilliance in the Church and Catholic Civilization."

    An enormously scandalous modern example of that misguided "spirit of poverty" was when Paul VI gave his “pastoral” and his “ring” to the Burmese Buddhist U’thant, Secretary General of the UN. On November 13, 1964, he finally resigned from the insignia of the papal power – the “tiara” (the “triregno”), which only confirms that he was not a Catholic pope. Near the end of the third session of the Second Vatican Council Paul VI descended the steps of the Papal throne in St. Peter's Basilica and ascended to the altar, on which he laid the tiara as a sign of the renunciation of human glory and power in keeping with the unholy "spirit of the council" and Modernist "renewal," donating the tiara to the Judeo-Masonic-Communist United Nations to be then sold in order to give the money to the poor. It ended up being bought at auction by a Jew, and I think it's a mystery what happened to it after that.

    1. Paul VI is a bastard, a demonic possessed perverted gay, a faggot Jew infiltrated inside the church to destroy the church. The Jews are guilty, the greatest enemy against Christ and His Holy Church from the beginning and to the end. Never can trust a seed of Satan. A snake is always a snake. Satan is always rebel against God. The Jews will always be cursed and condemned. Jesus had pronounced their verdict, He will never change for God will never change.


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