"Catholic Media and the Sister Lucy Case": The Simple Question Behind Sister Lucy Truth --- Is she or is she not? And how that question is being ignored.


  1. It is being ignored because once admitted, it leads to the discovery of the complete colonization of the Vatican after many years of infiltration, and even of the 1958 takeover of the papacy and the "Eclipse of the Church." Going down that rabbit hole is a game changer that affects our relations with others, and many, like the Trad Cat people, are financially invested in current Trad Cat narrative and they would lose financial support if they rock the boat re- Sr Lucia. Worldly attachments, fear, and cowardice prevent Catholics from accepting and promoting Sr Lucy Truth. "How will this affect me?" is what they worry about deep down. Paraphrasing the gospel, Jesus might say, "Anyone who will not take up the cross but loves their comfortable Trad Cat position more than the truth, is not worthy of Me."


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