When Will Ratzinger Come Clean? This is a Serious Indictment and Demands a Real Answer to these Grave Charges.


  1. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/unrepentant-revolutionary-sir-percy-blakeney/ The Unrepentant Revolutionary

  2. Jesus said "pray a great deal for him..." As much as I hate what he did in his entire life, as much as I feel sorry for him. He was under "diabolical possessed" for he can't fight back the power of the devils because NOT SO MANY PEOPLE DO PRAY FOR HIM. To pray for a person to get away from the devils' power required a lot of sacrifices, sufferings and even lost in some ways... the price to save a soul is not cheap, as many Exorcists confirmed that. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM, AS I KNOW HIS TIME IS COMING SO CLOSED... But I do know this, in the last minutes, when the WORLD WAR 3 BROKE OUT, BEFORE HE DIED ( THEY WILL KILL HIM TOO) HE WILL COME CLEAN AND CONFESS AS MUCH AS GOD GRANTS TO HIM. (If we pray for him --- but the price he must pay is so great, so great, that's why I am so afraid for him).

    But I afraid his sufferings will be so great for the damages that he caused and the cowardice that he could not overcome. And all of us, knowing or not knowing, we share the same guilt. Why? Because we have known the Fatima Message since 1917 to present, but we did not stand up and defend the FAITH. We did not stand up and fight back the evil inside the church and outside the church. We are eating, laughing, marrying, drinking the lust of this world giving to us. How many Abortions, how many Contraceptions, how many Perverted marries, how many sins that we allowed this world to committed and we do nothing to stop them. The only reason why the evildoers are triumph because we let them. We should stop them right from the beginning when still is in formation. We allowed the whole world mock, insult, and tramp on the Holy Eucharist, make a mockery to the Holy Mass and the Holy Sacraments. We allowed gays and lesbians took over the church in all levels. We are 100% GUILTY IN GOD'S JUDGMENT. Repent now and heed the Fatima warning, go back to the true Mass, go to confession weekly if not, every two weeks. Why? The frequently you go to confession, make it so difficult for the devils to trap you. Because he knows every week you will confess and his plan will not work. The way devils strip the falling souls is "keep the secret between you and me, don't tell the priest, none of his business..." TELL THE PRIEST, SO WITH GOD'S GRACE HE CAN TELL YOU HOW TO AVOID THE TEMPTATION. (FIND THE HOLY PRIEST WHO ORDAINED BEFORE 1958 IF YOU CAN)

    If you can't have any priests or mass around, say Rosary 15 decades daily or more, and stay in spiritual "Mental Prayer" continuously with Heaven, God Holy Trinity, your Guardian Angels, your Patron Saints and pray for poor souls in Purgatory and in return ask them please help you to Keep the Faith to the end. Benedict XVI is in SPIRITUAL COMA, sometimes he sees, sometimes he doesn't see.

    Benedict XVI, through his weakness and his heretical, he plunged himself and 8 billions souls that God entrusted to him. He has a great responsibility but nobody comes to rescue him. We can do it through our daily sufferings and ROSARY, EUCHARIST, become a victim soul to save the church and other in silence, in secret. God will reward a great to those who brave enough to take on the Cross for others in silent. The time is so close in to all of us, especially for Pope Benedict XVI. He is old and frail and so weak. He needs us to help him. PLEASE HELP ASK GOD TO GIVE HIM GRACE TO OVERCOME THE ENEMY AND COME CLEAN BEFORE THEY KILLED HIM. FRANCIS AND THE NEW WORL ORDER LUCIFERIANS WILL KILL HIM, REST FOR SURE. MAY OUR LADY COMES QUICKLY AND HELP HIM NOW, IN HIS LAST TIME, LET HIM REPENT AND DIE IN GRACE.


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