"Lois Gibson Forensic Report One for SLT": It is Impossible that these two individuals are the same woman.


  1. I'm convinced there was at least one other impostor who made a brief appearance, at least on the cover of the First Edition of "Fatima in Lucia's Own Words." She has a chubby face and looks to be about 80 lbs or more overweight. One can see her on google images. I also wonder if the young attractive one is the same as the older rather unattractive one seen in the 1990s and after.

    Anyone who sees the evidence at sisterlucytruth.org and doesn't accept the undeniable fact of this greatest criminal act of identity theft in history, shows that they desire something more than the truth, and that is another way of saying they are not on the narrow road that leads to salvation.

    1. There must be some truthful people still living who personally knew Sr. Lucy over many years, and who would know for sure if there was ever a substitution for whatever reason. A claim that she was murdered is extremely hard to swallow. Members of her family saw her body before burial. She looked very much like her blood sister Maria dos Santos. Misquoting her, yes, possible, even writing something allegedly coming from her, is also possible.


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