If Dr. Ferrin is right in his scientific assessment, that means that we have empirical evidence that the Blessed Virgin Mary is Queen of Heaven and Earth. Who else could command the heavens in this way?


Dr. Ferrin has said that he has the greatest admiration for Lucia dos Santos, because she refused to waver in her determination to be faithful to the Lady and wait for the promised miracle to take place. In his text, pp. 75-76, he mentions the testimony of Senhora Maria del Capelina giving an account of the conversation between Lucia (Age 10) and an unknown priest moments before the Miracle:

"There was a priest close by who had spent the night near the holm oak, and he was saying his breviary. When the children arrived he asked them about the time for the apparition." 
"At noon," answered Lucia.
Dr. Ferrin writes that this is an independent confirmation of the event. 
"The priest then took his watch and said: 'Look, it is already noon!'"Our Lady never lies, let us wait!," responded Lucia.
"A few minutes went by and he looked at his watch again, 'Noon is gone, everyone out of here! The whole thing is an illusion!" 

Lucia did not want to leave, so the priest began to push the three children away. 

Lucia responded, "Whoever wants to may go away. I am not going. I am on my property! Our Lady said she was coming. She always came before, and so she must be coming again. "

"Just then, she glanced towards the East and said to Jacinta, 'Jacinta, kneel down, Our Lady is coming! I have seen the flash.'" 
"The priest was silenced. 'I never saw him again,' said Senhora Capelina."

Also, on p. 88, Professor Ferrin emphasizes that the event, if it did indeed involve the falling to earth of a comet, was absolutely unpredictable from a scientific point of view --- SINCE NO SUCH COMET HAD EVER BEEN RECORDED TO HAVE SO FALLEN -- and, yet, it was predicted three times, by "the Lady," on July 13, August 19, and September 13th of the year 1917. Dr. Ferrin specifies the words of Our Lady on these occasions: 

"Lucia said that on the occasion of the third visit to Cova da Iria, on July 13, 1917, she asked the Lady to perform a miracle 'so that everybody will believe that you are appearing to us.' In rely, the Lady promised a miracle: 'in October I will tell you who I am and what I want, and I will perform a miracle for all to see and believe." 

"Again on August 19th: 'Yes, in the last month in October, I shall perform a miracle so that all may believe.'

And once again, on September 13th: 'Yes, in October, I will perform a miracle so that all may believe.'

The prediction was made three times." 

These are the points that fascinate and astound Dr. Ferrin, but I would say that he does not point out one critical thing here. Not only does Our Lady predict the miracle, but, she says that she will perform the miracle. Logically speaking, this means that she is someone who can perform unprecedented astrophysical events in order to make people believe the message that she gave to the three children. Who could do this? The Queen of Heaven and Earth maybe? If Dr. Ferrin is right in his scientific assessment, that means that we have empirical evidence that the Blessed Virgin Mary is Queen of Heaven and Earth. Who else could command the heavens in this way? 


  1. Does Dr Ferrin also account for the fact that peoples' clothes became clean and dry? And the mud dried up? (Actually some of the photographic evidence seems to show this as the people were looking up at the sun)


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