Dr. Ignacio Ferrin Will Confront Richard Dawkin's Dismissal of the Fatima Miracle as "Mass Hallucination and Suggestion" in Coming Article. Read Dawkin's attack in "The God Delusion" Below.

Dr. Chojnowski: I have suggested to Dr. Ferrin that he write an article in which he applies his astrophysical findings concerning the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima to the lame critique of the event by internationally "acclaimed" atheist Prof. Richard Dawkins. He thinks it is a good idea, since he is very familiar with the writings of Dawkins. In Ferrin's text, which can be bought at the link below, the astrophysicist of 45 years dismisses the idea of mass-hallucination. What Dawkins would find, if he read Dr. Ferrin's work, is that either Lucia dos Santos is the greatest astrophysicist who ever lived (which Ferrin says there is 3 times 0 % chance of) or she she was told about the up-coming miracle 3 months prior to the event, by one who could make the event happen! How do the atheists get away --- I am thinking about their endowed chairs --- with being so superficial and supercilious).

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  1. As Jesus said in the parable of the rich man Dives and the poor beggar Lazarus, "If they will not listen to Moses (i.e. God's moral law) and the Prophets (i.e., the need to repent), they will not believe even if one were to rise from the dead." The corrupted human will can refuse to believe even what the intellect perceives to be undeniably true. The mysterium iniquitatis is operative in self-blinded minds as that of Dawkins and other atheists. "The fool says in his heart [not his head], There is no God. Their deeds are corrupt, depraved...." (Psalm 14.1; 53.1)


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