This Gnostic Movement is Complete Apostasy from the Christian Faith. In this video, Complete Apostasy is Reached By the 20 Minute Mark. Dr. Smith and Mr. Coulombe, with great respect, I call upon you to RENOUNCE this COMPLETELY, ROOT AND BRANCH, and not just "Touch it Up" in an Exoteric Manner.


Dr. Chojnowski: In this video of a lecture by "bishop" Stephen Hoeller, orthodox Christianity is rejected and arrogantly dismissed as being a product of the "takeover" by Constantine the Great of the Church. Salvation from SIN by Christ is dismissed as quaint and erroneous. Jesus Christ is put alongside Buddha, Zarathustra, Mani, and other "enlightened" ones as being a partial and "for his time" manifestation of the Messiah. Dr. Smith and Mr. Coulombe must seek the only remedy that God has offered to men, which is within the true Catholic Church. "Right-wing" ecumenism cannot be healed by the "left-wing" ecumenism of the current Bergolian church. This "interesting" gnostic insanity seems like quick sand for the mind. Hoeller in this video speaks of Manly Hal, the well-known Mason and Occultist, as if he were blessed. 

What is "the rub"? To accept the Christian religion is to REJECT AS FALSE all other religions, which contradict it. End of story. 


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