The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus Christ - Dr. Stephan Hoeller. Why does this man sign papers for a "St. Benedict Center West"? He denies Original Sin or the need for Redemption from Sin.


  1. Because all the top positions were hold and still are today giving to the FREEMASONS, COMMUNISTS, JEWS, PEDOPHILES, GAYS/LESBIANS, and PROTESTANTS (Luciferians of the New Jews World Disorder). The whole church of the Vatican II is New Religion of the New Age which is the religion of the Jewish Kabbalah/Synagogue of Satan. Now, they are more than 2/3 of the entire
    church from top positions to the bottom at local dioceses. Everywhere, Seminaries, Convents, Monasteries, old and young, active and inactive---the seeds of Satan surely took over the church and the entire whole. Next episode is the 2 days of darkness that man-made and then GOD WILL GIVE THEM 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS. THOSE 3 DAYS OF DARKNESS, GOD WILL CLEAN UP THE WHOLE PLANET EARTH. (If anyone need to buy the 100% real organic natural Beeswax Candles and the Purple Scapular for those 3 days of darkness, contact me---don't buy on Amazon or Ebay or anyone pretends to be traditional Catholics but they cut your throat with 5 times price hijack)


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