The Fatima Cash Cow.


  1. Thanks Peter. Fantastic powerful video. Sent it around to my circles/-some of whom know Ferrara & Matt—today as my news update for the week!

    The Three BIG LIES du Jour

    This Good Shepherd Sunday.

    # 1–Francis is pope(!).

    The truth prevents that we can we possibly consider Bergoglio our Good Shepherd.

    Nor covid—with a 99.85% survival rate—a plague.

    Nor the Imposter as the true Sr. Lucy Dossantos.

    Please see 7 minute video here on the last point. Forward to Chris Ferrara, tell him I sent it.

    Sent from the Front Porch Pickin’ Flyer

    1. BroBeowulf are you not aware that Donald Trump is the pope for these Fatima Harvesters?

    2. Trump is a Mason. He is one of them. Don't let his snake tongue fool you. He is one of them from the beginning and to the end. A snake is a snake forever. He has all the characteristic and mentality of the Cabal/Freemason/Antichrist. When the people are
      so confused and so desperate, they will choose anyone who is less evil in their mind, but
      no, no no no no... that is not the way God works. He spewn out of his mouth both way and
      look at the actions he did totally contradict to what he promised to the people. Under him, gays and lesbians and pedophiles are more powerful and be protected. Check him out. He is a pedophile, ask the victims who he rapped when they only 13 years old when Epstein supplied the sex toys to him. Ask them. Under him, the abortion industry and Plan Parenthood got more fund than under the Democrats. Americans are being played since 1913 to present, and nobody follow the money. Just follow the money and everything will reveal to you that Democrat and Republican are one and the same, JUST TWO WINGS OF THE SAME BIRD. This nation is run and controlled and blackmailed by the same group that JESUS CHRIST CALLED "YOUR FATHER IS SATAN..."


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