RadTrad Thomist Calls Upon Charles Coulombe to Break ANY Contact and Connections he has with the Gnostic Occultist Stephen Hoeller. In the Conference Below, Hoeller Goes through the Gnostic Gospels of Philip and Mary Magdalen, which Portray Our Lord as Allowing Homosexuality and Preaching a Pure Manichean Gospel. At the end of this video, he portrays a "Bridal Chamber" gnostic sacrament that seems just like Diabolic Possession.


In this video, Hoeller goes through the Gnostic Gospels of Mary Magdalen and Philip, which are supposed to be the teachings and actual words of Our Lord.  In the text cited by Hoeller in a 2003 conference, Our Lord is purported to teach:

1) A pure Manichean cosmology and salvation doctrine which speaks of the human soul escaping from the universe through the various planetary spheres that intentionally try to keep the human soul from transcending the physical plane of existence.

2) In the Gospel of Mary Magdelen, Our Lord is blasphemously said to assert that Peter did wrong to send away "effeminate" men (i.e., homosexuals) because for his teaching and for salvation homosexuality and sodomy don't matter. A point that "bishop" Hoeller asserts as being the position of Gnosticism. Fitting in, by the way, perfectly with all forms of Manicheanism (e.g., Albigensianism).

3) He acknowledges that Buddhism is the "gnosticism" of the East. 

4) There were other sacraments given by Our Lord that were suppressed completely or hidden by the Catholic Church through its history. One --- which was later "perverted" by changing it to the Sacrament of Penance --- was meant to separate you from all material or worldly concerns and the second, or the "Bride Chamber" -- which wedded you to your "second self," your "other spiritual part" --- this was "perverted" by the Church to just indicate the union of human man and human woman in earthly matrimony. Does this "Bride Chamber" really portray diabolic possession of one kind or another? Perfect or imperfect? Is this the ultimate goal of the gnostic "salvation" doctrine that holds in contempt the "earthy" spirituality, teaching, and practice of the Catholic Church? If I had to guess, I would bet that it is. 

Mr. Coulombe, with deepest genuine respect, either you must reject this man or we must reject you. There are really no other options.

Question? Do you think of Baptism of Water in a gnostic way? I am sure your fellow founder of "Saint Benedict West" surely does. 

Interestingly enough, he says that the "Gospel of Mary Magdalen" and the "Gospel of Philip" sound very much like what you read in the Kabbalah. Especially the Manichean escape through the hostile material heavens to the world of spirit and true spirituality.


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