Physicist Author of "A Scientific Explanation of the Fatima Miracle" Further Calculates the Odds of the Miracle of the Sun Occurring by Chance. He finds that the odds are 1 in 61.4 QUADRILLION .


From his email to me today: 

A revision of the probabilities gave a larger number.
Now the probability of the event being due to chance
1 in 61.428.
 In my humble opinion, this is in the category of a miracle.

Dr. Chojnowski: Remember that the odds of a golfer getting a "hole in one" are 1 in 2,500. 

I think either the 10 year old Lucia dos Santos is a VERY GOOD GUESSER or there is something else going on here. No?


  1. Wow, that's pretty impressive! I bet the odds are even larger that there could be molecules to microbes to man evolution by means of natural causes, even over 14 billion years, that is, if the universe were indeed 14 billion years old, which is itself arguably the biggest hoax of all time.


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