Novus Ordo Watch Publicizes the First Known Example of the Entrance of the Blessed Virgin Mary into the Realm of Astrophysics with the New Book on the Miracle of the Sun.

Remember, Our Lady said, on July 13, 1917 that SHE would work a miracle so that all may believe --which was due to the request of Lucia dos Santos of Fatima, Age 10. Fact, Lucia dos Santos was either the greatest astrophysicist who ever lived ---- which is impossible ---- OR she heard of the coming miracle from one who COULD move the heavens in order that ALL may believe. 

Read the book. Dr. Ferrin says that empirical science and religion --- and I would say Mariology --- have never been so perfectly complementary. 


  1. "Empirical science and religion have never been so perfectly complementary." That's it -- perfectly complementary! Just like faith and reason, theology and philosophy, and nature and grace. And beautifully so! I wrote a short book on the subject of faith and reason, theology and philosophy, and nature and grace in St Thomas, based on my Licentiate thesis in philosophy. If anyone is interested in the subject it is at

  2. So Darrell continues the nonsense. He is pitching his book and looking for clicks. Spare us Dr C. Please ban this charlatan from your blog. He is insufferable and dishonest. Case Closed


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