Hard Evidence And The Refusal to Look


  1. Evidence? What Evidence? You mean the empirical proof that the Vatican 2, Sister Lucy was really Sister Lucifer? That cannot be...."We, the willful ignorant, refuse to have our MONEY & POWER blown to Hell by some nonsense called "Scientific Proof" Move along now. We've got money to make and people to deceive by "Silence"..What the Hell...We're talking BIG TIME MONEY....
    It's ALWAYS the money......All other excuses are total NONSENSE....Matt, Ferrer & Marshall....all have LARGE families and mouths to feed....If they admit to the veracity of SLT...they lose a meal ticket....or so they think? Do these guys actually think that the BVM would not meet ALL of their NEEDS, if they admitted their errors and turned full support and resources to SLT etc?
    Oh ye of Little Faith....These guys are in denial not to mention full of crapola. They are committing business and spiritual suicide? Like they say down South..."DUMB IS FOREVER!"
    You Can't Stop the Truth any more than you can stop the sun shining.

  2. Those people are well educated, well fed, living a well life and yet they refused to acknowledge by whom all those graces come from. Very ungrateful. They chose to do "business" with the devils. Look another way, cover up, deny and keep on denying... until the TRUTH IS CATCHING UP WITH THEM. THE TRUTH IS GOD. Their days are numbered. They are not with God. Why? Because they have no virtues to defend the TRUTH.


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