Fatima Faces II. Still See No Difference?


  1. Only the blind could not see it. And only the devil in human form could not see it. Anyone sees the truth but not defends the truth is a liar, a diabolical possessed person who sold his soul to Satan. They killed the Fatima Message, they killed the messenger because they can't handle the truth. A bunch of faggots and pedophiles, communists and Zionists have infiltrated the church and took all
    the top positions. Evil triumph because good men do nothing to stop them. So bis, that's what they want, God will let them have it in the days of anger. Many mystics and stigmatists have warned us and Our Lady confirmed that too, but they say "Prophets of Doom" well it won't be long, God will eradicate all of them in 3 Days of Darkness.


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