Charles Obliges a Priest's Request. Coulombe Renounces Activities and Asks for Pardon. What about "St. Benedict Center -- West?"


  1. A bit hesitant on taking full responsibility, but mostly well done. It is a humiliating circumstance after all. Take it from someone who has lived a life of mostly profound humiliations and made enough mistakes to fill the QE2.

  2. Scandal is always a grave issue.
    I remember the line from the Mikado. ' The empress of Japan must not only BE virtuous,
    But must always APPEAR to be virtuous.

  3. If this is sincere, where is his revelation of his particular occult beliefs and acts? To repair the damage which a public speaker and writer has wrought by propagating numerous grave errors over decades, a true penitent would be a guide, showing Catholics how the occult has infiltrated the Church ,and his own specific and extensive role in that infiltration over many years. This individual is (or was) allegedly a Hermeticist, which encompasses a legacy of the Kabbalistic subversion that has a long history inside the Vatican. All I see is damage control: a rote apology in attempt to salvage credibility. The reparation is absent.

  4. Thank you for addressing this.

  5. But the nuance as I understand Catholic teaching is, a Catholic can plant a garden or a field according to the phases of the moon without sin but sins a mortal sin if he reads his horoscope or reads the tarot cards. So even in private, without public scandal, he needs to repent and do penance for his sins. While up to this point he may have avoided mortal sin because of a lack of full deliberation or absent-mindedness on his part, from now on he can no longer avoid mortal sin should he continue in this activity public or private!

  6. Something must have clouded Charles´s judgement, Booze? Quit the booze, clean turkey Charles.
    Praying for Charles.


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