When does multi-million dollar Fatima, Inc. cease to be invincibly ignorant and become complicit in the substitution of an imposter for the real Sister Lucy of Fatima? They are now profiting off of the words and stolen persona presented by the Imposter and her Vatican handlers. The evidence is clear to 8 years olds. See, sisterlucytruth.org


These are some of the clearest, cleanest, and most focused pictures comparing Sister Lucy I and the Imposter, Sister Lucy II (post-1959). I don't think that the Fatima Industry can any longer be morally innocent of the imposture due to invincible ignorance, not after sisterlucytruth.org


  1. Have the experts determined that the second pic from the bottom of the imposter is the same woman as the other imposter? And what about the chubby woman with glasses on the cover of the early edition of Fatima in Lucia's Own Words?

  2. I feel so sorry for Father Kramer, he is the one who stick out stand up and fight bravery for the Fatima Message for decades long even right from the beginning with Father Gruner, after Fr. Gruner passed away, the Fatima Center kicked him out so that they can wishy washy with their opinions about Vatican II and Fatima Message. What a turncoat traitor.

    Now we have RadTradThomist come in and fight for Sister Lucia, and both Father Kramer and Dr. Chojnowski have no financial support, not million, not multi-millions, not even a thousand, not even a hundred, maybe some dime and nickels.

    Look how God operates everything out of His Poverty and Humility? People need to wake up and do the right thing. They need to support the true Disciples who do the will of God and His Holy Mother, not the shill of the Vatican II pseudo-catholic of the NWO.

    Many Catholics have money but they just can't see the truth so that they can use their money wisely and earn credit from heaven, vanity and vanity it goes. Why? Because they do not love the truth, God shut their eyes blind, their ear deaf and their mouth mute.


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