The Original Video of the Last Visit of Sister Lucia to Fatima In 1946. This is from the Fatima Shrine itself. Does this Look or Seem like the Woman who was with JPII?


  1. It's in God's hands now how this will enfold. He is in charge. However the truth will be revealed of that I'm sure. When only God knows. Keep up the good work. Rome has been in apostasy for over 70 years now and part of 3rd secret of Fatima is playng out in front of us.

  2. No, 100% different. If any relatives of the real Sister Lucia are still alive, they would probably be over hundred years old and/or at least if her nieces and nephews they could be at least 95 years old or so. Please help this project "Sister Lucy Truth" so that Dr. Chojnowski and hurry up with the DNA tests and hunting for where they hid her body. The criminals and APOSTATES-FAKE-POPES and fake Bishops of the New Religion: Luciferians of the NWO must be exposed and casted them off the property of the true church. THEY STOLE OUR CHURCH. THEY KILLED OUR SAINTS AND PROPHETS AND YET WE ARE SO STUPID AND COWARDICE, SIT BACK AND LET THEM. The judgement days would be extrema for those so called themselves "Catholics" but did not act as Catholics. You are called to be the soldiers for the Kingdom of Christ, not a bunch of sissy and faggots of the NWO (Synagogue of Satan = Cabals and Zionists of the Freemasonry/Communist). Look, the evildoers are triumph and win because the good men do nothing to stop them. IT'S OUR FAULT. I know there are plenty of rich Catholics but they don't even given out a dime to these true Disciples of Christ at this end time.


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