Invalid Sacraments. How a Subjectivist Epistemology and Philosophy (Phenomenology and Existentialism) Can Destroy the Sacraments as the Vessels of Sanctifying Grace.


  1. This gives a thorough explanation of why the homosexual Paul VI's new episcopal consecration rite lacks the necessary form for the validity of the sacrament:

    Didn't know he was homosexual? See (and 2 other related short articles there)

  2. What exactly is the "power of order?" Type out what it is in the Roman Rite.

    You also have to remember that the Church judges a schismatic rite in a different way than it judges a Catholic rite. Based on the council of Trent, the N.O. is a schismatic rite. Doesn't Fr. Gregory Hesse give us an example of a schismatic rite that the Church has judged as valid which does not "univocally express the power of order?"

    According to the book AA1025 the TLM's where the modernists priests botched the canon the Mass, the faithful also worshiped and received only bread.


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