Imposter 2. The Report of World-Class Forensic Artist Lois Gibson.


  1. One must ask, what purpose does the fraud achieve?

    1. You did not know anything about the Fatima Message and the crisis inside the Catholic Church? The purpose is loud and clear right in your face and you didn't see anything? They hijacked the church, destroyed the Kingship of Christ to bring out the NEW JEWS WORLD DISORDER (Luciferians/Freemasons/Communists/Satanists/Globalists and the Greater Israel Project)... The whole human race will be in one fake religion of the Anti-Christ of the Jews/Israel. The PURPOSE IS TO DESTROY CATHOLIC TEACHING (FAITH AND MORALITY) WHEN FAITH IS GONE, THE CHURCH (CATHOLICS) WILL BE GENOCIDE.

    2. What purpose? To prevent Sr Lucia from disclosing the real Third Secret, which revealed the plans of those who had taken over the Vatican, and to be able to use the impostor to support and defend the diabolically distorted interpretation of the entire Message of Fatima, including the "vision of a bishop dressed in white," which was made up by the enemies of Christ who had taken over the Vatican and the visible structures of the Church in order to hide the true Third Secret, which has to do with both spiritual chastisement, i.e., the Great Apostasy, , a false council, and a false mass, as well as a physical chastisement. Few Catholics know that Pius XII read the Third Secret on May 13, 1957, after which he secluded himself for close to two weeks, and wept bitterly. See the 3 min. 41 sec segment in this series of uniquely important interviews with the person who did the most research into what happened to the Church by the Judeo-Masonic-Communist powers, including the overthrow of a rightly elected pope in 1958:


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