"Identity Thieves" Destroying the Message and Messenger of Fatima!


  1. I think the whole secret resides in that message John XXIII was suppose to read in 1960... Heins back, when you look at all the damage caused by Vatican II...the intention of Roncalli ... his motive for not promulgating that message, I cannot help but to join the dots.... There had to be a reference to apostasy... His plan was of destroying the doctrine of the faith was too evident....he would have been suspected or caught like a rat ... He needed to plan the silence of Sr Lucie....If I remember well, from my readings, he ordered no one to see Sr Lucie - not even her spiritual director - without Rome's authorization....

  2. Interesting that Pope Benedict suspended the 5 year waiting period to begin the canonisation process.

  3. The one who gave the order to silence the Message and the Messenger must be the faggot-Jew-Paul VI. That gay-Jew was never be a Catholic for one day of his life. Everything in his life was orchestrated by the Freemasons and Cabals. He never attended Catholic School nor even a day in Seminary run and taught Catholic Doctrines. No, he laid his perverted-ass at home with the Jewish mother and a communist father and all his surrounding with the devils in human form, the Luciferians/Freemasons. The whole Vatican II gangsters are communists, pedophiles, Cabals = Freemasons = New World Order = the Luciferians = Antichrists = APOSTASY MAN-MADE CHURCH OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. All of them are guilty of the blood of the Saints, the Prophets and the Faithful Catholics, even to this day to Benedict XVI. If Benedict XVI come out resist or expose it, he afraid he will be next. At this age, I don't know what is he afraid of? But human-weakness in everybody prevents him to do so. That's why Our Lord said to Jacinta "pray a great deal for the Holy Father, he will do it but LATE"... Do you know what "LATE" mean? That's mean a 3/4 of the whole humanity will be gone, gone to hell for their failure to obey the Fatima Message and act on it on time. And the TRUE HOLY FATHER WHO WILL DO IT IS NOT BENEDICT XVI, BUT SOMEONE ELSE WHO COME FROM THE TRUE HOLY CATHOLIC CHURCH, NOT THE VATICAN II LUCIFER RELIGION OF THE CABALS AND THEIR SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.
    So, our best weapon is say Rosary as Our Lady told us, keep make reparation to Both Hearts and keep the true Mass and true Sacraments even though difficulty and persecution. And when enough is enough according to God's scale, then suddenly they will be finished. FOR GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED AND HE WILL NEVER ALLOW OTHERS TO KEEP INSULT HIS MOTHER WITHOUT ANY PUNISHMENTS... NO WAY, NO SON WOULD DO THAT TO HIS DEAR MOTHER. SO BIS, THIS WICKED WORLD ASK FOR IT, THEY WILL GET IT.


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