"A Stolen Persona"


  1. Pray and pray a great deal for pope Francis XVI, he will come out expose the truth Fatima Message before he die or the Fatima Message will leak out before they killed him. He knows all about it. He is with them, the Mafia-thugs-Cabals/Freemasons from the beginning. He was there. He has been committed publicly heresy and scandal which affected billions souls, therefore, his repentance must be publicly to convert billions souls. Two sides of the scales must be equally, otherwise, he is lost. The sins of making others losing FAITH is the greatest sin and condemn to hell 100% for sure. So, the "saints" of the Vatican II are fake, they are not in Heaven but in Hell. Paul VI, John Paul II were 100% JEWISH CABALS to the day they got inside their coffins. Look at their burial rituals, 100% Jewish satanic rituals. And John XXIII was a communist and a long time Freemason, you people ought to know that he can't be a Catholic nor be Pope, therefore, he is an impostor and in hell. When he died, did you know his body so stench to the point they have to buy all the coffee that sold in Rome to cover his coffin, still the stench unbelievable. They have to cover the lid of his coffin, when the time to open the lid for visitors, they found his body was turned over by some mystical hands. That happened twice, when they carried him to his grave, his coffin failed twice. God gave you people the signs and nobody noticed that. All whosoever follow, support, obey, and taught the doctrines of hell sprout from Vatican II pseudo-counterfeit church are condemned and heading to hell. There is no compromised in God's Teaching and God never ever be compromised, nor His Disciples. If you accept compromised, you are condemned yourself. Sister Lucia was poisoned even before her last interviewed with Father Fuentes in 1957. I personally think that they killed her right after that and they persecuted and seized all 37 books or articles that Father Fuentes wrote about that last interview. She knew what will be happened to her and with the permission of Our Lady, Sister Lucia told everything to Father Fuentes to look out for the church and the faithful. But the Freemasons killed all to keep the world in the dark, so that, they can bring out their ANTICHRIST and their New World Order. Everything connect to the same people that Jesus Christ cursed on their faces "No, you don't have God as your father, if you have God as your father, you ought to recognize me, listen and follow me... No, all of you come out, seek to destroy me. No, your FATHER IS SATAN, THE LIAR AND MURDER FROM THE BEGINNING..." The ones who killed Christ, persecuted the Church and now continuously persecute Christians and destroying humanity (genocide) for their own agendas. Remember this folks, Russia and Israel are one and the same, for 85% of Israelis are communists-Jews-Russians. And 85% of top positions of Russia are held by the communists-Jews. Putin is a fake Christian. He is born as Jew and he is a double heads snake of the Cabals. Follow the money. He is the master blackmailed and embezzlement. The richest guy in the world is Putin. The second richest thugs are the Jewish Cabals and come down the ladder, all Jews. They hold 95% wealth of the whole world and the rest of the world is holding only 5% for 8 billions people. PRAY THAT OUR LADY WILL CRUSH THEIR HEADS SOONER THAN LATER. THE LONGER IT TAKE, THE MORE PEOPLE DIE AND LOST TO HELL. WE MUST TRIPLE OUR PRAYERS AND OUR PENANCE TO MAKE UP FOR THEM. THERE IS NO WAY OUT BUT GOD'S WAY.

  2. Forgive me my typing error. I MEANT pope Benedict XVI, not pope Francis XVI.


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