"Vision of Fatima" by Sculptor Fr. Thomas McGlynn, published in 1948, Indicates the real Sister Lucy requested that Pope Pius XII Give an Address to the Portuguese People for the Silver Anniversary of the Fatima Apparition. Author Makes it Clear that the Inclusion of All the Bishops of the World with the Pope in a Consecration of Russia was Publicized to the World by 1947.

Here is the text describing the discussion of Fr. Thomas McGlynn, O.P. to the Patriarch of Lisbon in 1947 in Fr. McGlynn's book, Vision of Fatima (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1948), pp. 29-30. 
"The important address of Pope Pius XII to the Portuguese people made in Portuguese on October 31, 1942, in connection with the ceremonies of the Silver Jubilee of the apparitions at Fatima [how different from the ceremony of the Golden Jubilee with Paul VI and the fake "Sister Lucy"] was evidently, His Eminence pointed out, a consequence of Lucy's own request made to the Holy Father, of which the Cardinal had knowledge. Lucy had said that the Blessed Virgin wanted the world consecrated to her Immaculate Heart with special mention to be made of Russia. She had declared the special grace to be granted in reward for this consecration would be the shortening of the war, and that, if the Holy Father wished to see an example of the blessings which this would bring to the world, it could be observed in the case of Portugal [namely, that the Consecration of Portugal to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, by all of the bishops of the country, had kept Portugal OUT of World War II.]" 
    "The Cardinal, in reply to my [Fr. McGlynn's] inquiry, said that he had not heard of the special manner of consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart which had lately been declared [emphasis mine]; namely, that all the Bishops of the world are expected to participate with the Holy Father on a special day in one great act of offering Russia to Our Lady's Immaculate Heart."

Dr. Chojnowski: This was back in 1948. Clearly this particular act NEVER happened. The closest the world ever came to this is when Pope Pius XII himself, consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in his papal bull Sacro Vergente of July 7, 1952. 


  1. I am quite sure they killed her. They can't afford to be exposed by the true Fatima Message so they killed the messenger. We need to help Dr. Chojnowski with fiancial support so that he can pursue this ASPS. And do the DNA comparision of both real sister (relatives) and the fake sister. The truth must come out to save the church and the world now before those Luciferians of the NWO take over everything. They already took over. They turned the truth holy church into a man-made religion of the Vatican II Counterfeit church with blasphemy Novus Ordo mass and immoral teachings. Among 8 billions people living on this planet, is there not even one or two or three persons who can donate to help Dr. Chojnowski in this project?

  2. The USA is turning into communism/socialism and WW 3 is on our faces and the people are homeless, jobless and living in immoral lifestype and yet the big fat bishops and priests of the NO Conciliar Church are still sleeping, eating, drinking, sinning, and lusting with whores... Somebody need to put a gun on their heads and tell them to kneel down together and do the consecration of this nation to the Immaculate Heart immediately, so that, the people can have a chance to repent and do their penance in time. When the Bishops have lost their faith, the people/sheep will be slaughtered, and this time will be worst. This is the time you people can't reasonable with them. Take them with force, either you "scumbags-unworthy-bishops" do your jobs now or we will finish you right on this spot. Those cowardice sissy thugs will do it, make them repent, make them convert, make them do their jobs and God will judge their hearts. Even they are not believing in doing it, but God will give people a little time to elect the real holy pope and find the real holy bishops, and holy priests. We don't want any parasites in our church, men and women. Kick those gays/lesbians, rapists, pedophiles out. Clean up the church. God born us into this end time and face this crisis to be holy soldiers for the Kingdom of Christ, not cowardice compromised with the Antichrist and his NWO religion of the cabals.


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