Vatican and Diocese Calls "Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary" (Feeneyites) NOT Catholic because of Fr. Feeney's "anti-Semitism" and his belief that "there is no Salvation Outside the Church." Nothing to do with Baptism of Blood or Baptism of Desire and EVERYTHING to do with Ecumenism and Political Correctness.


  1. interesting. One heretic is negotiating with another Catholic on how not be heretical.

  2. Why haven’t the Slaves reached out to the SSPX or the SSPV? I think this whole “reconcile with Rome” thing was begun under the Papacy of Benedict XVI. Bergolio is not the Pope & his staff are Globalist puppets. The Roman Catholic Church subsists both inside & outside of the Vatican Organization. For an explanation of the premise, see The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church by Griff Ruby.
    St. Benedict has kept the lights on in the Church for an ever darkening world. Their teaching sisters & brothers have passed the faith to our children since the very dark days of the 1970’s. It was through their publications that I discovered that there still were places where the Traditional Faith was still practiced & passed on.
    Both the SSPX & the SSPV support other organizations, & incorporate them as suzerainties. I think this might be a way forward St Benedict’s.

  3. "Feeney also taught that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. While that is the official doctrine of the church, the way the Slaves interpret that teaching has put them on the wrong side of Rome, according to letters from the CDF to Villarubia."

    Once again we see that everyone understand EENS the same way. But those who want to reject it, need to interpret it to mean exactly the opposite of its literal meaning. No, we do not "interpret" dogmas. We must give our assent to the literal meaning. Otherwise, we are forced to admit that the dogma is unintelligible without an accompanying interpretation by theologians. That's nonsense. Why don't we just ditch the pope and let the theologians run the Church? It seems everyone is in agreement with that idea. The Novus Ordo has a fake pope. The SSPX has a cardboard pope. And the sedes literally have no pope at all. And they all seem to be quite happy with the status quo. If Pope Eugene came back from the dead, he would be excommunicated by every bishop, traditional or novus ordo, without exception because of his Feeneyism. Sad to say.

    1. Feeney was a heretic who denied Baptism of desire. That is why no clergy follows his heresy except some laity.


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