Sister Lucy Truth's Answer to the Question of a Paul VI Double. Answer: We Personally Don't Believe it. I think this claim was an attempt to explain how someone claiming the Papal Throne could do so many terrible things to the Holy Roman Catholic Church. There has to be ANOTHER explanation.

Dear Sir, 

I have been aware of the claim that Paul VI was replaced for 37 years now. I don't find it plausible. First, the pictures do not look any different to me and I have never heard that the pictures were ever submitted to current facial recognition technology. I also do not believe it is plausible since Montini was the same in his attitude and his Modernist teaching throughout his life. There is never a change in his attitude or support for the Modernist Revolution. With the Sister Lucy case the technological analysis and the handwriting analysis, not to mention the radical change of character and outlook point to the clear conclusion that these two woman, who are not like each other at all, cannot be the same person. Also, it is impossible to believe that a man operating for years at the Vatican and in Milan and on the world stage could be replaced by another in an instant, while switching out a contemplative nun who for decades rarely appeared in public, is perfectly plausible.

Thank you for your support and for your interesting question.
Yours, Peter Chojnowski


  1. I agree there was no replacement of Pope Paul VI. It is possible that he had a double for security reasons, as many prominent politicians do. But this person would only be used to cover for the pope at public gatherings as a decoy in case of assassination attempts or if the pope was indisposed and his appearance was a must for political reasons. I do not believe that this so-called double, if he existed, was ever used to make official pronouncements or otherwise speak on behalf of the pope. As you said, there was never any change in Pope Paul's attitude or rhetoric during his tenure.


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