"Justice for Sister Lucy" - Updated - HD. Please Pass Around. Its Importance Cannot be Denied.


  1. Those pedophiles and sodomites of the NWO-Luciferians-Freemasons lurked inside the church to destroy the church from within. They killed Fatima Message by killing the messenger. They killed the Catholic Church by destroying the Faith, by changing the Liturgy/the Holy Mass. New mass is a social networking of the New World Order religion of Lucifer. It's a sacrilege. Popes are Cabals, Communists, Satanists, Modernists, Heretics/Apostates and Freemasons (devils' worshippers) since Pope John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. As much as I pray for conversion of Pope Benedict XVI, as much I blame a lot of problems in the church come from his heresies that he bought into the Vatican II for many decades. He is favor "the NWO" so bis, all the chaos come from his heresies. If he listened to Father Gruner, for all of those years, he would save himself and the church. It's too late for him. Pray a great deal for him that he will come out telling the truth about the REAL SISTER LUCIA. Who gave the order to kill her? Who killed her? Where is her body now? And the true 3rd secret of Fatima to expose the whole PEDOPHILES/SODOMITES-JEWISH CABALS (FREEMASONS) INSIDE THE CHURCH TO DESTROY THE CHURCH SO THAT THEY CAN BRING OUT THEIR "messiah" AND THEIR NWO WHICH IS 100% AGAINST GOD AND ALL HUMANITY. PRAY THAT OUR LADY WILL ACT SOON.


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