Apostasy is Soooo Boring When No One Cares. Francis to have interreligious Prayer Meeting at the City of Ur in Iraq, EXACTLY the City that God told Abraham to FLEE FROM in Order to Worship Him and Him Alone......So Pre-Vatican II!



  1. I think at this point any discussion of the chief anti-church agent of Satan, Jorge Bergoglio, is redundant unless in the context of the bigger picture of the Great Apostasy and Eclipse of the Church, culminating since 1958 in the series of anti-popes we've seen and in the invalidity of Paul VI's newly created episcopal consecration and priestly ordination rites. That means, horrendous as it may sound, that almost all "priests" and "bishops" today are actually laymen.

    To prove the invalidity of Paul VI’s ordination rite one can see how badly he butchered the essential form of the consecration of bishops, thus totally invalidating the sacrament:

    Traditional Roman Catholic form, per Pope Pius XII (1947):
    “Perfect in Thy priest the fullness of thy ministry and, clothing him in all the ornaments of spiritual glorification, sanctify him with the Heavenly anointing.”

    Modernist Novus Ordo form, per Antipope Paul VI (1968):
    “So now pour out upon this chosen one that power which is from you, the governing Spirit whom you gave to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, the Spirit given by him to the holy apostles, who founded the Church in every place to be your temple for the unceasing glory and praise of your name.”

    Not only does the Novus Ordo form totally replace the words decreed by Pius XII as essential to validity, they do not even in any way express that what is taking place is the consecration of a bishop! They do not even ask the Holy Spirit to make the priest to be consecrated into a bishop! Instead, even if one were to say that the totally abstruse phrase “Spiritum principalem” (“Governing Spirit”) is a clear reference to the Holy Spirit, the fact remains that it is not stated just what the Holy Spirit is supposed to be doing. God the Father is being asked to “pour out” the Holy Spirit (or at least that “Governing Spirit,” a term which one could find in Masonic writings) — but to do what? To what end? We’re not told. The Holy Spirit is poured out also in baptism, in confirmation, and in ordinations of deacons and priests, for example.

    So it's a grim picture, and few Catholics know about it, many just saying they have problems with Francis, who among other things is a foil to make his apostate predecessors seem to deluded and scandalized Catholics like "saints" as they are now ignominiously called by the devil-infested Vatican. The evidence is vast, and I've seen most of it and have made it a point of study since it's the most important thing imaginable. The takeover of the papacy in 1958 (whitesmoke1958.com, "Papal Imposters" video) is surely the most pivotal and momentous event in Church history since the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. And Sister Lucy Truth makes that takeover even more credible.

    1. "fullness of thy ministry" would refer to the bishop

      "chosen one" ambiguously refers to a priest

      "power which is from you - gave to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ"

      The power the Father gave to Jesus is the power to judge, it's an authority, it's a headship, so the priest gets that in this rite.

      But "the Spirit" is not a good name for "the ornaments" for we all get the Holy Ghost at conformation, and "the ornaments" are not a spirit, but a power or authority.

      It's my understanding that pope Pius XII's doctrine is that a change in a rite has to "express that what is taking place" as much as its existing form does. This rite ambiguously expresses what is taking place as much as the Roman Rite does. What's probably not valid is the N.O. is the Mass.


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