WATCH: Rev. Leo O'Donovan offers invocation at Biden Inauguration: 200 Proof Americanism, Unchanged from 1789 to 2021. No Jesus, No Catholic Church, No Grace. A Simple Worship of Masonic Ideals.


  1. Oh, how clear is the Great Apostacy, the Great Revolt, and now the ensuing Great Wrath coming upon humanity. God knows well how to clean the swamp of collaborators with the mystery of iniquity. They enjoy right up to the moment of their destruction their hatred of truth, love for this fallen world, love of self.

    Certainly Our Lady's hand of intersession is now retracting as She exclaims to Her Son, I know longer hold back Thy Divine Justice. I will now go to accept the sacrifice of the Holy Father (I believe to be Pope Benedict) so that Thou Divine purification of the earth may commence.

    Our Lady of Sorrows,
    Pray for us, that we may suffer worthily to expiate for our sins and for the help of the conversion of sinners during the great chastisement!

    Gloria tibi, Domine! Laus tibi, Christe

  2. Christ isn't mentioned, but Bergoglio is!


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