Was Sister Lucy of Fatima replaced with an Impostor around 1960? Over 20,000 Hits! Our Message Getting Out.


  1. The simple fact is that if the post-1960 Sr. Lucy is a fraud we may dismiss every syllable that creature gibbered until she died. I'm fine with that. I wonder where that leaves the Fatima Center.


    1. i am surprised at Chris Ferrara et al have not acknowledged possibly disavowed the seemingly obvious physical evidence that shows the proof. Like it doesn't exist! There is this multileveled layered sphere to all of this.

  2. They replaced her after she had the last interview with Fr. Fuentes. They had been poisoned her to death to shut down their secrecy by killing the messenger. The last interview was in 1957, so somewhere at that time frame, they created a fake sister Lucia to replaced the real Sister Lucia. Find her body and everything will be exposed or DO THE DNA of both real sister Lucia and the fake sister Lucia to see both women were totally not related. Real Sister Lucia relatives are still living today, get the DNA from them. That's easier to do now than find the real body of Sister Lucia. Someone knew where the body is but afraid to tell.


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