Pro-Trump Protesters Beat Police Officer Protecting Capitol Entrance. During the Year that I supported Trump (November 2015 to November 2016), I never imagined that he would provoke such actions as these. He had the power to create a personality cult that just got totally out of hand and took over the Republican Party, the Conservative and Pro-Life Movements, and almost the US Government in its entirety.


  1. In all the demonstrations, marches, parades over the past year, and in particular the past three months there have never once been any problems. I think what happened at the Capitol was instigated by "others", not true Trump supporters. The other side has to demonize supporters of truth and liberty in order to clear the way for their total takeover of America.

  2. No need to worry Doc. Now that the Communists control everything I'm sure it'll be much better than living under that terrible Trump.

  3. Are you sure they're not Antifa dressed up like Trump supporters? False flag events happen all the time, all over the world. Did you see the pic of "Viking Man" present at a BLM rally?


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