Francis Calls the United States back to its "Democratic Values." Are "democratic values" ever Christian? Not according to Pope Leo XIII.

“I offer an affectionate greeting to the people of the United States, shaken by the recent siege of Congress,” the pope said in remarks delivered from inside the Apostolic Palace, instead of from a window overlooking St. Peter's Square due to the pandemic. “I pray for those who lost their lives, five (persons), in those dramatic moments.”

“Nothing is gained with violence and so much is lost,” he said.

“I exhort the authorities of the state and the entire population to maintain a high sense of responsibility with the aim of calming souls, promoting national reconciliation and safeguarding the democratic values rooted in American society,” Francis said.

Dr. Chojnowski: But, are "democratic values," as opposed to the democratic mechanical process of choosing leaders, in accordance with the moral laws and the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Archbishop Lefebvre, in his book Against the Heresies, clearly shows that they are not. When commenting, on pp. 184-185, on Pope Leo XIII's encyclical Libertas, the Archbishop states, "As to what concerns the different forms of government, I do not say that Pope Leo XIII was a democrat, but he conceived more readily than his successor St. Pius X that democracy is a legitimate form of government, all the while condemning the ideology [of Democratism or "democratic values," to quote the Media and Francis]:

"Again, it is not of itself wrong to prefer a democratic form of government, if only the Catholic doctrine be maintained as to the origin and exercise of power. Of the various forms of government, the Church does not reject any that are fitted to procure the welfare of the subject; she wishes only --- and this nature itself requires --- that they should be constituted without involving wrong to anyone, and especially without violating the rights of the Church." 

"[The Archbishop's commentary continues] As for St. Pius X, he clearly expressed his esteem for monarchy as being the most natural form of government, and the most in conformity with the nature of society; whereas democracy requires of it citizens greater virtue, difficult to find, which makes democratic government [majority rule, with 'one man, one vote.'], difficult to find, which makes democratic government more prone to slide into anarchy or Socialism."

N.B., The important footnote on this page is very important and interesting: "On the contrary, in France the Republic was founded from its inception according to the democratic Masonic ideology CONDEMNED BY LEO XIII [my emphasis]; the Catholic doctrine on the origin and exercise of power is denied. How then could Catholics rally to this regime without accepting the ideology? This was the snare that not even Leo XIII was able to avoid when he ordered French Catholics to rally to the Republic four years later."


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