Article from the Independent Portrays Trump's Attitude towards His Followers. His Contempt for Anything "Low-Class" Makes it Easy for Him to Throw Them Under the Bus. Even the Coup Attempt Was "Low-Class," Disorganized, and Clownish.


  1. I stopped reading when he cited the FBI. Should any one believe anything from any government agency anymore?

  2. Don't believe anything Yahoo "news" writes! They are a propaganda outlet pure and simple. Trump is NOT disgusted by his supporters. He's no saint, that's for sure, but looking at his overall track record for the last four years it looks to me like two steps forward and one step back, so in total I have to think he supports the American way of life and it's people. He has not sold us out to foreign powers the way other vice/presidents have. Remember he only has a four year track record, these other politicians have 30, 40, 50 YEARS of history of doing nothing for our country, but enriching their own pockets.


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