What is more important? "World Peace" or the Integral Catholic Faith and valid Sacraments? The Real Sister Lucy would have no doubt as to the answer. The False Fatima Narrative.


  1. On the subject of valid sacraments.
    Baptism of desire - perfect act of contrition - an unmarried man and woman stranded on a deserted island with no priest available can take marriage vows and can have a sacramental marriage with the same conditions of a perfect act of contrition. They must have their marriage validated if it becomes possible just as if someone who made a perfect act of contrition lives to be able to confess his sins, he is bound to confess the mortal sins forgiven by the perfect act of contrition. So if a sacrament of ordination is invalid because of lack of proper form. But the person being ordained didn't know that his ordination did not possess the proper form and he desired in his heart to be a priest of the Catholic Church. Wouldn't an ordination of desire take place?
    We know from the book AA1025 the priest boasted of having another communist priest teach him how to botch the canon of the Mass, thus invalidating the Mass. If the N.O. Mass is invalid, but if this is not known by the priest or the faithful attending, but the priest is otherwise pious and devout. Which Mass merited more for the faithful attending? Because the TLM was invalidated by an act of impiety by the priest, it merited less, though because those attending could not tell they were at an invalid Mass, they still received some graces and merited some reward. It would seem to me if the faithful have no way of knowing a Mass is invalid, they will receive the graces and merit from God despite what the Godless have achieved.
    I say this not to defend invalid Masses, but it seems to me people are unwilling to consider proper Catholic theology because they are to horrified to believe the logical conclusions. On the other hand, some are claiming there is no grace or eternal merit being obtained by those who attend the N.O. which scandalizes those who do and makes it impossible for them to study and believe the logical theological conclusions.
    Whether the N.O. sacraments are invalid or not. We reject the pomp's and works of the modernists, just as we reject the pomp's and works of Satan. On the other hand, our obligation is to get everything validated, not to claim others have no grace or eternal merit, and are on the road to hell.


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