Moscow Orthodox Patriarch criticizes the heresy of Modernism. He attacks Same-Sex "Marriage." Why do the Russians have such masculine exponents of even schismatic Christianity, while we dwell in such a demasculinized social, political, and religious world.


  1. The soil is being prepared, tilled and aeriated!

  2. These days I tend to think the worst. In this case I believe it is more likely "controlled opposition," analogous to Fox News vs CNN, both controlled by the enemies of Christ and of the human race. Here we have the (relatively) conservative Russia vs the liberal West, including anti-pope Francis, the Vatican, and the whole organizational structure of the Church, i.e., the counterfeit church established in 1958. Judeo-Freemasonry is in control of both sides. As Lenin said, "The best way to overcome the opposition is to be the opposition."

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    1. Perestroika deception - where did all the KGB /Commie Talmudic terrorists go? Any Nuremberg trial for them? A. They became the clergy.

      Russia was not consecrated.

  4. Orthodoxy is ultra Traditional, that is why..

  5. Nothing is what it seems. They use Hegellian dialectic tricks. Say one thing but do the opposite. These tricksters use good and evil and evil is hiding behind the good.

    Russian patriarch pays tribute to Fidel Castro
    Dear Comandante,

    On your 90th birthday, kindly accept my cordial congratulations on this remarkable date.
    The Lord has given you a long life. For the past years you have gained a precious experience of public administration and a great authority both inside and outside your Motherland and have written your name in the chronicle of both the Cuban and the world history. To a considerable extent it is through your personal participation that friendly relations have been established between the peoples of Russia and Cuba.
    The Russian Orthodox is grateful to you for the attention you give to the Orthodox Christians in Cuba and to the implementation of the project for building a church of Our Lady of Kazan in Havana. I cherish good memories of our meetings and warm talks with you during my visit to the Island of Freedom last February.
    On this festive day, I wish you physical strength, peace of mind and help from the Lord in your life journey.
    With profound respect,
    + KIRILL


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