Rad Trad Thomist is Back! Dr. Jesse Russell Calls Out What Many Have Seen in the Last 5 Years. Traditional Catholicism being Hijacked by Novus Ordo Apologists.

                                             We got this all in hand, Holy Father!

                                                  They Think They Have Won!

Dr. Chojnowski: I very much look forward to Dr. Russell's next installment of this interesting series concerning what has happened to "traditional Catholicism" in the past 5 years or so. Not to mention what has happened to it over the past 40 years. Taylor Marshall embodies exactly what "traditional Catholicism" should never have been but, sadly, has become in the third decade of the 21st century. A conservative movement, among many "conservative" movements that does not, in any way, derail the Modernist takeover and transformation of the "Catholic Church," which began in 1958 with the election of Angelo Roncalli as John XXIII. Nothing the Taylor Marshalls or the Michael Matts or the John Salzas do change the equation in any way. The Modernists are still firmly in control of the Vatican and the entire apparatus of the institutional organization of the Catholic Church and continue to perpetuate themselves by appointing their own to positions, which have lost their meaning and purpose completely. What they HAVE DONE, however, I mean the "traditional Catholic apologists" who we have heard endlessly over the past 20 years is to completely change our understanding of the Church. Because of them, we now accept a defective Church without as much as a raised eyebrow. Our youth take it for granted that a "Catholic hierarchy" can be considered the greatest enemy of the Catholic Faith. They take it for granted that the "Vicar of Christ" is merely a worldly clown and showman who says things and teaches things that will, if they are followed, send you to Hell. It IS a problem when anyone or any group assumes the authority of the Catholic hierarchy. But we have. We have ceded our doctrinal understanding and our moral outrage function to the "Talking Trads" who tell us what we should be outraged over and how we are to tune in next week to the next thing that we should be outraged over. In the history books concerning the Catholic Church that I have read, the most important thing that provoked outrage was heresy. Moral outrage was always subordinate to that most fundamental outrage. But doctrinal outrage always was followed by anathemas, not "Tune in next week for the next outrage in an endless series." Anathemas casted one outside of the Catholic Church. And then, until the offending heretics reconciled themselves to the true doctrine of the Church, there was no contact, no endless back and forth. Truth was the very life blood of the Catholic Church --- sexual morality only followed from the doctrinal truth that came to us from God Himself. To be "in the truth" was to be "in the Church" and to be "outside of the truth" was to be "outside of the Church." No serious person, without an agenda, would deny this. Even non-Catholics know this about the Church. The Taylor Marshalls of the world could not interest us with the latest carrot of clerical scandals or minor variations of the Modernist theme if we were as "doctrinaire" as our forefather in the Catholic Faith. If we forget the denials of the Resurrection, the Incarnation, the unique nature of the Catholic Church, that Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation, the fact that grace is a supernatural gift which is not at all due to human nature, to understand Christ as being the Redeemer God-Man from the Annunciation, that grace needs to be applied to every soul through the instrumentality of the Church, that belief in a set of doctrines is a requirement of God for the salvation of men, that schismatics and heretics and apostates are not in the Catholic Church, we will fall for this entertaining sideshow that never resolves the "crisis." In fact it seems as if its sole purpose is to make us believe that the "crisis" is a normal part of Catholic life in this world. Keep dumping on what the pope says until we like what he says. Absolutely, NOTHING should surprise us with regard to the antics and heresies of the life-long professional agents of the Counterfeit Conciliar Church. The "pseudo-traditionalists" have made us so disgusted with the "Catholic Church" that all we want to do is flee to the interesting circus of American politics in search of redemption. 


  1. Excellent article. The fact that many of our people are becoming accustomed to the notion that the hierarchy is something we should hate and resist, is one of the most deplorable consequences of the recognize and resist position.

  2. Well stated Dr. Chojnowski...seems Our Lord and Lady are exposing not only the "In Your Face Modernist" but now also the secret society modernist, neo-trads, hummm, maybe the stench of masonry here.

    Our Lady, Help of Christians, Pray for us! Ave Maria!

  3. Many also flea to where the magisterium has only one infallible level. Although the Church teaches that if someone is invincibly ignorant and is a heretic without knowing it, called a material heretic, God will not hold him responsible for his error as long as he knows no better, they act as if a material heretic is an actual heretic. So than proving pertinacity is unnecessary because we have a license to engage in subjective judgment for under those circumstances all judgement becomes objective.
    Some flea to where proper matter form and intent can be replaced by a declaration of insanity without a doctors degree.
    With Catholics as interested in the "truth" as maskers, where can we find normal Catholic life?

  4. Both R+R and Sedevacantism are punishments from our Blessed Lord.
    1 teaches to resist + dislike the Catholic hierarchy the other forces us to accept not having a Catholic Pope nor hierarchy.
    Stop bickering with other traditional Catholics and pray for each other,we're all alone.
    Thuc-line-SSPX-Resistance-SSPV Clergy and faithful are all that is left since the mid 1950's.
    Yes this started with Pius XII destroying the after midnight Holy Communion fast 1953/1957 and Easter Vigil 1951.
    Patriarch Kirill is former KGB and is involved in tobacco + alcohol distribution.
    Don't look to the East as they were punished during the 1450's + cling to their occult practices and hatred of Roman Catholicism.
    St.Peter + St.Paul are not buried in Moscow nor Constantinople.
    God bless -Andrew


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