It has been Two Years since Sister Lucy Truth heard this from Fatima Center. 2 Years Later, No Support or Acknowledgement Whatsoever? A Case of the Dog that Doesn't Bark?


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Thank you for your email dated September 9, 2018. We are sorry to hear that you are dissatisfied with the us at the Fatima Center.


Regarding the so called Sister Lucy conspiracy; Father Gruner was certainly aware of the situation. He mentioned that he needed more proof, that he wasn't going to just read and believe what was on the internet. 


His first thought was that "people" were possibly spreading this new story about Sister Lucia to take away from the importance of the Fatima Message. Father Gruner spent some time investigating, and spoke with her family members, who informed him that Sister Lucia's sister had in fact received a letter from Sister Lucia a year before she passed away.


But regardless of all this, the consecration of Russia still needs to be done, and the full secret of Fatima needs to be revealed in its entirety.


Our Lady of Fatima, knows we are trying our best to continue Father Gruner's efforts, to try and spread the truth of the Fatima Message, and the teachings of the Catholic Faith.


Please be assured of the daily prayers of Our Lady of Fatima’s Apostolate for you and your intentions and we ask that you continue to remember our work in your prayers. May God bless you and may Our Heavenly Mother Mary draw you ever closer to Her Divine Son Jesus.

Rachelle Eller

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  1. "He mentioned that he needed more proof,"

    Dr. Chojnowski has provided the needed proof.

    "Our Lady of Fatima, knows we are trying our best to continue Father Gruner's efforts"

    She also knows that provided evidence is being ignored , and she knows the reason why someone decided to ignore it. But at this point, can the provided evidence be ignored without the committing some kind of sin?

    1. Deliberately ignoring the evidence, or worse, seeing the evidence but choosing to do nothing about it for fear of adverse temporal consequences, would be committing a sin of omission. In the case of the Fatima Center and 1Peter5 and Life Site News and other semi-traditional groups, since they have no excuse for denying the obvious and what is now beyond any doubt, it may very well be mortally sinful. They are contributing to the loss of immortal souls by their silence, or worse, opposition to the truth about the greatest criminal act of identity theft in Church history, maybe in all of history, and they will have to render an account before God for that.

  2. Hmmm.. Does 'Our World' need to be saved or is it simply individual souls? And as to saving 'Our Church', I thought the gates of Hell would not prevail? These cathlo-preneurs at this point in the game are a parody. The Vatican since 1960 has been dominated by Heretics. Bring back the Oath against Modernism, and require priests offer the Mass of Pius V. (and the N.O with quietly go away) Say your rosary, pray for the death of communism and all enemies of the Faith.

  3. Fatima Center has exposed themselves as being of questionable value, ethics and honesty at best. Their hypocrisy is beyond any excuse. I say this in charity only in consideration for all the outstanding work of the late Fr Gruner (RIP). He was a courageous warrior of truth to power. One has to believe that were he still alive the attitude, response (and support) would be a much different story. The current folks at FC are an embarrassment to themselves and Father Gruners's legacy of truth. All of them would do well to read/reread and put into practice Fr Gruner's classic called "Crucial Truths to Save Your Soul". It is timeless......and evidently ignored at the Fatima Center.

    In the meantime Dr C must know and believe that all will be exposed at precisely the right time with the greatest impact as determined by Our Lady of Fatima. Kind of like the "Laptop from Hell" in the current U.S. Presidential Campaign.....but....with far, far Great Impact for Truth.

  4. "....the consecration of Russia still needs to be done...."
    According to* Bro. Peter Dimond, O.S.B. the consecration of Russia was done by Pius XII on July 7, 1952:

    "It is certain that Pope Pius XI failed to consecrate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. Pope Pius XII also failed to do so for many years, but (as we saw) he finally did consecrate Russia in 1952.

    Our Lord to Sister Lucy, Summer, 1931: “Like the King of France they will repent and do it, but it will be late. Russia will have already spread its errors throughout the world provoking wars and persecutions against the Church: the Holy Father will have much to suffer.” (quoted in The Whole Truth About Fatima, Vol. 2, pp. 543-544)

    Pope Pius XII, 'Sacro Vergente Anno' (Apostolic Letter), July 7, 1952: “…just as a few years ago We consecrated the entire human race to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, so today We consecrate and in a most special manner We entrust all the peoples of Russia to this Immaculate Heart…”


  5. After the truth come out from Sister Lucy Truth, tons of evidence for even a retarded person to know that the real Sister Lucy was silence right after interview with Fr. Fuentes. They persecuted
    Fr. Fuentes and seized all of his writings about Sister Lucy and the Fatima Message. He wrote 37 articles/booklets/notes... about this interview and things related to the church at the end time. They stole everything and silenced the priest. Why can't any Catholic with a conscious right mind and heart could not recognize the truth?

  6. "Ignore him and make him ignored". That was the line used with regard Father Luigi Villa as he was more and more exposing the judeo-masonic elements in the Church. I don't know what has happened to the Fatima Center since Father Gruner's passing but as for the other forms of media, forget about it, they are all owned by a very small number of corporations. The revelation of Dr. Chojnowski's Sister Lucy Truth to the wider world would not be to their greater benefit. With regard to Dr. Chojnowski, they have pulled the same play out of their playbook, "ignore him and make him ignored".....dynamic silence.


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