Francis endorses Civil Unions for Homosexuals in new Documentary. Says Children of Sodomite Couples should be Raised in the Church. Question: Is the "Church" becoming perverted or is it only those who have long ago adhered to NewChurch? Even the "Whore of Babylon" Doesn't Quite Fully Express it Anymore!


  1. Why those "churchmen" don't stop him? Because they are the bird feather flock together. La Salette and Fatima have exposed all of them. People need to wake up and take responsibility to clean them out.

  2. The visible but counterfeit NewChurch is becoming more and more perverted precisely because it is continually carrying toward their logical conclusion the principles of Vatican II, Novus Ordo theology, which is permeated with Modernist-Masonic-Evolutionist ideology.

    Besides the smoking gun of Sr Lucy Truth pointing to a takeover of the visible structure of the Church, thus creating the spiritual desolation of NewChurch, there are others, including the even bigger smoking gun of the smoking chimney above the Sistine Chapel on October 26, 1958, when 5 minutes of white smoke indicated that a pope had been elected, had accepted, and had taken a name, but no pope came out on the papal balcony.

  3. The accelerated demise of the West, lead by the Perv Church, continues to rocket to the bottom of the pit. Be ready for the worse... Hang on the the Mass of All Ages...

  4. Of course this is the logical progression of evil that is Satan's working in the mind, heart and soul. This man is truly serving Satan and for those who are still blind to reality, I pray they wake up from their slumber before he and his Satanic comrades send you into Hell.


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