Breaking News: John Salza leaves SSPX and returns to Novus Ordo church after "studying Sedevacantism." Who will publish Next 3 Vol. set???


Breaking News: John Salza has left the SSPX and has returned to the Novus Ordo church. Our source, who has worked with him on True and False Pope, says that he came to this decision "after studying sedevacantism." 


  1. Good and bad news... He is no longer a traditionalist, so will no longer be an obstacle to us...but sad news for the salvation of his soul none the less.... He is not a Catholic but a member of the masonic sect.

  2. The Sacrifice of the Mass is the ultimate love for GOD not the Papacy------Jesus left everything entact for more than fifteen hundred years----has GOD Changed - not according to Revelations ( I Am The Alpha and Omega) I hope John can see that this Papacy is what has been foretold. God Bless Mr. John Salza hope he returns back to SSPX where Gods precious Son lives. SSPX is not sedevacants.

  3. I tried to go to his blog but it is "by invitation only"...

    Education himself on sedevacantism drove him into the arms of what will soon become the One World Religion?

    Perhaps there will be more employment opportunities on that side of the fence.

    You can take a man out of masonry but you can't take the mason out of the man.

  4. ... we were not quite sure that he had left the Masonary Brotherhood completely too.

  5. I hear that someone saw him at the TLM this past Sunday. Robert Siscoe worked with John Salza on the book. Is he your source? Since you made the allegation public, I think we are entitled to ask questions.

  6. John Salza is misleading many Catholics to embrace error and apostasy.


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