Tradicat Accuses Sister Lucy Truth of Pushing Groundless "Conspiracy Theories." I guess this is what you can expect from a blogger who writes that, "The Cure for the Catholic Identity Crisis: Catholic Conferences." Shakin' My Head.

Dr. Chojnowski: Here is my response to Tradicat who put up an article on "Traditional Catholicism and Conspiracies." The link gets you to the article ---- does any one know who this is --- and my response to the article is below.

Have you actually looked at the evidence? Does evidence matter or are you so politically correct in your mindset that any thing labeled "conspiracy theory" is automatically rejected by you? Other than DNA, photographic AND written evidence is the only evidence that we can have for now. If the Vatican will allow us to get DNA information than that will help in the process of determining if there were two woman or only one. I did not hire experts to "prove my thesis." I don't have any idea where you came up with that. I certainly never told you "my thesis." I had not thesis before the tests came in except for a belief that there seemed to be a problem that had to be looked into. The expert reports are definitive and more are forthcoming. Whatever the relatives say, and remember, the real Sister Lucy has not been on the scene for 60 years, does not change the empirical facts of the case. Have you ever cross examined these relatives or has anyone you know? I do not know the experts that were consulted. They have no reason to stake their professional reputations on a lie. They get their fee no matter their judgment on the evidence. Some of the judgments were made by facial recognition programs, nothing to do with human judgment. Please look at the evidence at and then get back to me.


  1. Dr C, Tradicat has proven him/her/them selves to be cheap hacks. Tradicat represents a pox on the house of truth let alone the authentic tradition(s) of the One True Faith. Waste not a minute of your valuable hard earned time with such fools. The Saints didn't suffer fools nor should you. Tradicat is part and parcel of the on going self-appointed delusional "Traditionalists" cabal who professe the motto..."All Things But Truth" Keep up the great work. You are over ground zero and must expect more incoming flak.

  2. Tradcat knight's dismissal of your Lucy Evidence, raised a suspicion in my mind. I am always suspicious when one dismisses evidence with that worn out CIA created term "conspiracy theory". I decided to look a little bit into the background of Eric. I ran across a very interesting article at Most Holy Family Monastery. This is not a site I normally visit but it just came up.They seem to present in their video very credible evidence that the Knight is wicked fraud. But you can examine the evidence for yourself.

    1. Just to be clear, this is not about TradCat Knight which has been very supportive of Sister Lucy Truth from the beginning. This is an article about Tradicat; I don't know who the person behind this blog is.

    2. Yes TradCatKnight is NOT Tradicat. It's a totally different of two persons, don't accidently attacked the wrong one. Let me find out who behind the Tradicat and expose them. Must be some Vatican II Luciferians Cult afraid to be exposed because they have killed a real Holy Person: Sister Lucy. Their crime will be exposed and the top guys will be executed either by God or by the angry mobs. Rest for sure, God will be done. Keep on fighting Dr. Chojnowski God is with you and bless you. When the truth come out, billions will repent and convert. The Fatima Message is the main source for mankind to find peace, no other source for this wicked world.

  3. Any publicity is good publicity! Hope Mr Cat gave your link to his readers. Trads are more engrossed in red herring issues like " true and false resistance", " invalid priestly/episcopal orders", those nasty and uncharitable"feenyites", the wonderful or evil " Thucites/Lefebvrists/Kellyites"
    And they avoid the huge elephant in modern Catholicism's front room: The obvious and blatant tampering with Fatima by the post Vatican 2 Church.

  4. I hope Mr Tradicat has given the link to your website. All publicity is good publicity. True Traditional Catholicism consists of, depending which group you belong to, heaping fire and brimstone on the Thucites, Lefebvrites, Feenyites, the false Resistance, the true Resistance, the sedevacantists, the home aloners....
    Leave the post Vatican 2 criminals and the elephant named Fatima parked in the front room, well alone!


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