The dogs that didn't bark................What's up, friends?


  1. The dogs are barking up the wrong tree. At the supposedly invalid episcopal consecration of Rev. Joseph Pfeiffer. These hounds are obviously not aware that in pre Vatican II days not just a few priests were overwhelmed with scrupulosity over the consecration form at Holy Mass. They were nervous wrecks from one Mass to the next. Lucky for them our bloodhounds were not around to pontificate their Masses as being invalid. These stuttering, faltering and stammering sacerdotes were labeled THE HOC HOCKERS by their bemused confreres!

  2. Lucy became a Carmelite in 1948, after leaving the Dorothean order, this appears to be what she always desired. It has been reported that Opus Dei actually owned the Carmelite convent. Opus Dei was not formally recognized however until 1950. I would think the real estate transactions surrounding the convent may offer some information of value. if somebody wanted to shut somebody up and hide them away; owning a 'false Carmelite cloister' or one that was compromised would be the perfect place, especially given the docility and simpleness of Lucy.


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