Sister Lucy Truth Keeps Doing What It Said That It Would Do 2 Years Ago. Provide Scientific Certainty One Way Or Another. It Has. No Match.


  1. Those who see the evidence and don't accept it, or even ought to see the evidence but deliberately choose to look the other way because of the consequences that come with admitting the obvious truth, are committing a sin of omission, and very possibly a mortal sin of omission. It is culpable cowardice, and culpable attachment to the things of this world, including money and reputation. Cowards! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  2. I just saw your side by side translations of Sr Lucia's vision regarding the Third Secret. Has the handwriting ever been verified to be Sr Lucia's? Do we even know that the "vision" wasn't made up by the Masonic/Communist/Homo infiltrators in the Vatican to help advance their diabolical plan?


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