Purpose of the New Sister Lucy? To Validate the Actions of the Modernist popes. She endorses John Paul I, John Paul II, and allows Cardinal Ratzinger to Distort the Message of Fatima in the Video Below.

During the last 10 minutes of this video, starting at the 16 min. mark, Cardinal Bertone speaks of his three meetings with Sister Lucy II in 2000, 2001, and 2003. He also speaks of returning to Coimbra in 2005 in order to offer the funeral mass of Sister Lucy II. A mass which was said amidst a crowd of tens of thousands and celebrated as a Portuguese national holiday. The last meeting of Cardinal Bertone with Sister Lucy, occurred on December 9, 2003 and lasted for 2 hours. During these meetings, according to Cardinal Bertone, the cardinal had 3 issues to bring up to "Sister Lucy." 

The first, was the question of her meeting with Cardinal Albino Luciani of Venice in 1977. "Did you predict Cardinal Luciani's election as pope?" "Lucia" did not recall if she had predicted to him that he would be pope, but she admits to telling the community that, "It told my community that he was a good cardinal, a holy cardinal who, if he were to become pope, he would be a good pope." The second was the issue of John Paul II's health [Why this would be a cause of Bertone's trip to "Sister Lucy" is unclear.] Cardinal Bertone speaks of the "great attachment" that "Sister Lucy" had to JPII. In this regard he treated this "attachment to the Holy Father" as a seamless garment with the 3 children of Fatima's devotion to the pope in the period 1917-1920. In this regard, "Sister Lucy" sends "her" cane to John Paul II, who, according to Cardinal Bertone, also needed on in 2003, so that, according to Sister Lucy II, "Our Lady will protect him." 
In the video, there are than the sad pictures of the funeral of Sister Lucy II, sad because of the fact that you have a whole nation and an entire Catholic world being deceived, but also sad because the real Sister Lucy's funeral must have been hidden and mean. Dr. Chojnowski: We are truly living in wicked times. 
They close off this farce with a mind-blowing and mind-numbing quotation from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, as official commentator and interpreter of the "Third Secret" of Fatima. In his commentary, featured at the end of this video, he states, "the whole point of the vision [released "Third Secret"] is to bring freedom onto the scene [I thought that is what Christianity was supposed to do?] and to steer freedom in a positive direction [what this has to do with the "bishop in white" and the whole line of the faithful going up the hill to the cork-wood Cross is beyond me]. The purpose of the vision is not to show a film of an irrevocably fixed future [i.e., like everyone on Planet Earth thought the Third Secret was about]. Its meaning is exactly the opposite [!][i.e., wouldn't you know! The Message of Fatima is exactly opposite of what everyone --- including those who read it --- said it would be......Just as "Sister Lucy" is the exact opposite, in looks, mentality, and demeanor --- not to speak of the chin!... as we thought her to be]: it is meant to mobilize the forces of change [like.....who?] in the right direction[i.e., the vaunted Third Secret of Fatima, long awaited by millions and so dire that Sister Lucy could not write it down for years...is nothing but well-gummed Liberal pablum, which adds ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to our understanding of our lives as Catholics. I guess Cardinals Ratzinger and Bertone would actually have to BE Catholics in order to know what nourishes Catholics. Face it folks, if this is Sister Lucy of Fatima, I am Lucille Ball. 


  1. I agree with you, absolutely! Thanks

  2. Just like the fast tracked "canonizations" of the three Vatican II non-saints - actually tools in the hands of international Judy O.-Masonry - betrayers of the faith occupying the Chair Of Peter, it's all about canonizing V2, the "bad council" (as Ratzinger told his priest friend Fr Dollinger was contained in the Third Secret), and canonizing the "bad mass" (again, Ratzinger to Dollinger). Now if canonization is an infallible act of the Magisterium, as the theological tradition of the Church teaches, then we have a big red flag here. BTW, did you know that the jooish organization Southern Poverty Law Center officially states that all these problematic traditional and semi-traditional Catholic groups "need to accept Vatican II." What does that tell you?

  3. It's both sad and infuriating. That woman in the photo dressed like a girl scout has always bothered me. It makes me wonder what she thought about that photo based on her memory of the event. Did she ever see the doctored image? They make all the people in that photo look so blase that sister Lucy of Fatima is there...ho hum, nothing to see here except a modernist "pope" and an imposter "nun" with a big chin and tiny chompers. No message of importance in the third secret so everyone should just fuggetaboutit and continue on while they destroy the Church and lead souls to hell.


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