Friends, Let us Vomit this Out of Our Mouth..........


  1. We know that if there is a question on a point of law the 1st thing we try to determine is, "what was the intent of the lawmakers." Pope John XXIII stated publicly before the council that it was his intent - thus the bishops intent also, to remain at a modest and pastoral level. Cardinal Ottaviani stood up during the council and said we must have a doctrinal discussion concerning the conclusions they were coming to at the council. He was told no discussion was necessary because they had no intention to define anything infallible. So neither of the 2 infallible levels of the magisterium were engaged. I have to argue that the authentic and fallible magisterium was not engaged either, because of a lack of intent to do so. The intent was pastoral, not doctrinal, so the doctrines of Vatican II are unintentional and not even part of the fallible authentic magisterium. If a sacrament is invalid base on the publicly expressed intent of the priest to not do what the Church does. How can the magisterium be engaged on any level with a publicly expressed intent not to do so?

    Dr. Carol Bern has proven it was not St. Pius X's intent to legalize the dialogue Mass. Yet Pope Pius XI and Pope Pius XII encouraged it on the belief that St. Pius X legalized it. Was the post Vatican II magisterium engaged on the belief that the magisterium was engaged on the authentic level at Vatican II? Even if it was, since post Vatican II magisterium would be the fallible level, the Church is not defective!

    A prelate has to publicly express that their intent is contrary to what the Church does.

    Can the doctrine of Pope Pius XII that a sacrament becomes invalid if an existing expression of the intent of the Church in the sacrament is removed occurs without the creation of a new rite that would render it against the dogma of Trent and the doctrine of Constance and Florence and thus schismatic? If that is possible, it's more likely that Fr. Gregory Hesse is correct then it is that the Sedevacantists are correct, on the question of valid sacraments.

    At least 2 switches with no bait needed and at least one bait and switch, they are lying criminals.

  2. And yet, and yet you are still blind. You believe a counterfeit church is the Catholic Church. And then you question how foolish people have been? What is more foolish than to believe that?

  3. The 60+ year "Disappearing Conspiracy " of Sister Lucy together with her rank pro Modernist replacement lends more than credence to the empty Chair of Peter position. Rome is going to have to talk a VERY, VERY, VERY long time to convince ANY THINKING ADULT that ANY legitimate Vicar of Christ would be a party to such a MONSTROUS crime and/or coverup. That dog ain't going to hunt. "By their fruits ye shall know them" Well the fruited and their fruits are the abomination of desolation. May a very large hole open up and suck these Partisans of Satan to their home in hell.

  4. Wow! That is one powerful statement! May God bless you for your courage, and may Our Lady protect you from those who would want to silence you.

  5. Of all the bad actors in this miserable world, the worst of all are those calling themselves traditionalists and working night and day to prop up the false church of the false council. And the worst of these are the false traditionalist priests and bishops who corrupt the faithful with their erroneous positions and false anathemas. The evil of this imposture, of this controlled opposition, and the strangulation of the Church which it accomplishes, make bad actors like Bergoglio seem benign in comparison. Catholics have one duty and one duty alone - throw off, for once and for all, the entire novus ordo apparatus, and the entire false council. Call it what it is - a non- Catholic entity. Refuse recognition and submission to its renegade officials, including the false traditionalist priests (the Indult, the SSPX, and it's so-called Resistance come to mind). Return to the untainted worship of the Church, even if it means going without Mass for long periods of time. Have no truck whatsoever with any compromiser. Work overtime to expose this fraud. Throw off the effeminacy the false traditionalists have imposed upon you. Defend the rights of God and the Church by sacrificing your comfort and convenience. Do something truly noble, and truly Christian, for once in your miserable, effeminate lives. Please God, raise up some real men. Amen.

  6. Thanks Dr. Chojnowski for giving Our Lady your hand in exposing the Fatima fraud. The hour is late and exposing the enemy on a number of fronts (Fatima, Vatican II, Vatican bank, Antipope Francis, the planned-demic for worldwide genocide, more) is now building to the discomfort of the serpent behind the curtain and thus we are seeing the acceleration of activity to tighten the noose around the unwary sheeple before too many wake up and resist.

    As a Traditional Catholic now for 13 years from leaving the N.O. Church, I sorrow as well for Catholic Action once, I and a few others, were asking to build within SSPX until the we saw that SSPX was compromised at the top, receiving no support.

    As you imply, Bp. Williamson as well, Our Lord is not pleased with the "Latin Mass" pacifier or "50's Catholics". No, He is going to purify all to restore whose left, after the tribulation and chastisement, to the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church under the Social Reign of Christ the King.

    I too, greatly desire to join a remnant of "sons of God" (John 1) to respond loudly as the Good Lord and Queen wills us to do to help souls wake up and save their souls and help us save ours. I am eagerly awaiting in prayer and penance to do so and ask Our Lord to help find other Catholic men of good will who can gather and take some actions.

    I believe Our Lord will expose His remnant to the enemy (suffering and martyrdom) as we see in Apoc. 12 when the dragon goes after the seed of the woman who brought forth the man child (I believe to be the coming holy pope).

    I am here is Central Texas (attend Mass about once a month at Bp Zendejas chapels) seeking an opportunity to get with other men to take Catholic Action for the Glory of God!

    Deo Gratias,
    Patrick Coon, Georgetown Texas
    512 694-1716

  7. It did take a while but looking at sedevacantism with an open mind finally gave me the freedom to move away from the complete cognitive dissonance that is R'n'R. It's funny (sad, really) that everything is false about the Vatican II religion except the man-in-white promoting it. Thank you for the commentary and keep up the amazing work that is the Sister Lucy project.

  8. Whether V2 engaged any level of the magisterium is irrelevant. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church much less an ecumenical council cannot lead the faithful into the great (silent) apostasy. If that were possible, how could we defend the Church's indefectibility? The only reasonable view is that the Church hierarchy continues only in those clergy who have clung to the traditional doctrine of the Church. It is from them that we will receive the next true pope (if there is one, if we aren't sitting on the very edge of the end of time).


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