Don't Deny It. Josef Ratzinger was One of the Main Hijackers of the Message of Fatima. He totally Distorted the Third Secret and Covered Up the Imposture of Sister Lucy.



  1. I see Benedict as playing the role of pseudo-tradition restorer; JPII, the role of deceiving charismatic actor, following Paul the Destroyer and John the temporary Caretaker.

    1. How did JPI fit into this scheme? I read he was a modernist as well; also that he was murdered.

  2. He has a moral obligation to proclaim the so called secret released in 2000 was not at the very least the full 3rd secret of Fatima. Else what is the proof he himself was not deceived in 1957-1958 by the probably freemasonic replacement of Lucy? You don't have to pontificate anything, you simply have to present the evidence, then you won't have to tell anyone to "not deny."


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