Newly-Released Video Footage From 1946 Shows the Real Sister Lucy Visiting Fatima Again for the First and, Presumably, Last Time Since 1921.

1967. No Problem, right? 

See Previously Unseen Footage Here:

More Screen Shots from the Real Sister Lucy's 1946 Visit to Fatima. 

Stop the "Beatification" of the Fake Now!


  1. She looks so much like her mother in these photos. And her mother looked NOTHING like the fraud.

  2. Clearly, The established professional "Fatima Industry" is living in the land of Incorrigible Denial. Truth and Saving Souls is not their standard. What is? What Reason? It's about their MONEY.
    Dr C has provided overwhelming documented PROOF of a bold face fraud being perpetrated on the faithful by the Conciliator Church/Popes birthed at Vatican 2. Where does one go to get the hubris to shamelessly collude with the hoaxers denying both the Mother of God and Her Son as well. Clearly, Our Lord is allowing this disaster for a greater good..The ongoing Apostasy is irrefutable. The Consequences are going to devolve until we, God's children, are brought to our knees and beg for Mercy. Wuhan Virus is just a taste of what may happen. How can abortion be consider an essential service while closing all Churches? The first is satanic while the later is a formal denial of God. God Help Us.

  3. I cannot understand why would an impostor just give up her normal life, and how could she simulate the life of a Fatima visionary for some 45 years or so without slipping up on those happenings and on the facts of Sister Lucy's former family life. Interviews and writings can be falsified, but living a lie for 45 years is an entirely different matter. The Carmel of Coimbra and the bishop of Fatima should be approached for an explanation why the difference in looks. We know her protruding teeth were all pulled and she got a set of dentures as she joined the Carmelites. However, her teeth in old age again looked different.

  4. I wonder whether Sister Lucia ever actually entered the Carmelites. Do we know the supposed date of her entry?
    When I was in a Catholic elementary school in the 1950's the nun/teacher told us that Lucia had died, and this was also published in some Catholic papers, perhaps secular ones also. We had anxiously awaited the revelation of the third secret of Fatima, and this was a few years before 1960 so we were excited about the secret. Soon after this we were informed that there was a mistake and sister did not die. Fifteen years ago I met a woman 2yrs. older than myself, who remains a friend. She told me that she was also told about the death of Sister Lucy in the 1950's.
    My friend and I did not grow up in the same cities and were not attending schools with the same order of nuns.


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