More Bioweapon Information Pointing to US Origin for Covid-19. HIV Insert Seems to Show this to Be a Human-Constructed Virus. Big Question Still to Be Answered, "Qui Bono?"

Very thorough information provided here. Too many coincidences to be a mere coincidence. I do find the hard-core anti-Catholic bias on this website very disturbing; however, they have some great information and an "right-wing" point of view that is outside the American political norm. Refreshing.

Very interesting video about the genealogy of the Covid-19 virus and very interesting information about how the evidence clearly points to this being a humanly engineered virus and having its probable origin in the US.

US virologist says that, "Vaccines [for fighting the Covid-19 virus] won't work" to provide sufficient protection for the novel virus. In this interview he speaks about the ways in which this virus spreads and mutates. Interviewed by the Korean Times:


  1. In the early nineties I was invited by a Roman Catholic priest to a private home to listen to a lecture from one of the world's leading retrovirologists.

    This site has exactly what he said.


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