Friend of Sister Lucy Truth Finds Out What the New "Fatima" Movie Based Upon the Words of "Sister Lucy" and which Advocates "World Peace" Through Prayers from People of All "Religions" Is About.

If this Hijacking of the Fatima Message Does Not Get Us Angry, I don't Know What Will? Maybe the Disappearance and/or Murder of Sister Lucy of Fatima? 
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A trial of faith. A world changing Secret. The courage of 3 Children.
The true story of Fatima is what legends are made of. FATIMA, the movie, dramatizes the incredible adventure of three children who experienced the supernatural, and accepted their quest to bring a message of peace to the world.
Through magical realism, the film depicts the challenges of the children’s mission, their courageous response, and terrifying visions of the future and hell, which changed them forever. They face ridicule, persecution, punishment and torture from within their own family, community, and government; but still the children stay true to their message of peace, in the name of faith and love.
FATIMA the movie retains the authenticity of the original voice of this story, as told by Lucia Dos Santos, the oldest Seer. She and her contemporaries in this rural community experienced their world through the filters of their Catholic upbringing. However, the meaning and message of Fatima are very relevant for all people of the world today.
The message of FATIMA is one of belief, faith and ultimately peace. The peace plan is a clear message of the power of prayer for everyone in the world, regardless of their faith orientation. It is a film for those who seek to find inspiration in their daily lives and who desire to find something beyond themselves.
The Fatima story has not been told on the big screen since the Warner Bros’ 1952 classic, MIRACLE OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA. This new feature version will give movie goers a vivid, immersive, and impressive cinematic experience of this incredible story.


  1. Dr C, your work is inspired, blessed and protected. Our Lady's timing is exquisite. She's never late. She never disappoints. Her Son takes great offense to all those who would ignore His Mother, her messages and/or her messengers. Talk about throwing a skunk into the middle of a party? Truth is the disinfectant. I suspect the sons of darkness will ramp up and be actively working against you..She will use them to enhance the impact of truth and her Fatima messages and request. May God Bless You and Our Lady and the seers of Fatima protect you.


  2. Agree. Many will be taken in by the "mercy/peace" Bergoglian propaganda. All need to become aware of St. Lucy Truth. The real truth of our future are the words of Padre Pio who said in 1963 that our time, the next 10-15 years, will be the time of the Great Chastisement and the coming of the Anti-Christ. Please see Servants of Jesus and Mary newsletter, May, 2020.


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