Fr. Hesse, in a Conference Given in the Early 2000s, Indicates that The Woman Pictured Below IS NOT the Real Sister Lucy of Fatima. So Both Fr. Gregory Hesse and Carlos Evaristo Recognized that this Woman was An Impostor.


  1. Fr Hesse is really just a part of the "conservative" branch of the Novus Ordo Church which thinks it is free to question the ability of the Church to teach, rule and sanctify. He is not a part of the true Church which operates under obedience to true popes. He seems as much in love with his own learning as an impostor Sr Lucy was in love with the camera. His teachings do not help, but divide Catholics because he another Catholic who "knows better" than the Church. That is not how the Church works. It is infallible and indefectible.

  2. I never said that this was not Sister Lucia and never authorized anyone to use this copyrighted photo on this website. Please remove it immediately or face legal action. Sincerely Carlos Evaristo

  3. My email is Carlos Evaristo

  4. Did you SUSPECT that there was a fake Lucia at any point, Carlos?

    Yes or No? Simple answers.


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