New Fatima Movie to be In Theaters on April 24th. Perfect time for Sister Lucy Truth to Publicize the Truth to the World. Carlos Evaristo Contacted Us Today Offering Information. Really?

Coming April 24th to a Theater Near You. Too bad they seem not to know about the Great Imposture. Perhaps we shall make a movie, "The Substitute Saint"?


  1. Dr. Peter Chojnowski---
    I suggest you talk to Frank Walker to convince him to start covering Lucy Truth as it fits in so well with all he says about the corrupt Catholic Church today.

    The 'From Rome' blog features an interview with Frank today which will be of interest to your readers. Frank tells us the truth about the Church in no uncertain terms. You efforts on disclosing the coverup on Fatima is a perfect subject for him.!!&app=io.ox/mail&folder=default0//xftp5Ysczk

  2. If you look at the motion picture industry as part of the media cabal that reinforces the official narratives then they have chosen to remake the Fatima event is no surprise. JPll as the Fatima pope, the third secret debacle and of course lhe Lucy imposter will not enter into the narrative
    and catholics will have the official story line reinforced with, no doubt, stunning special effects.
    (perhaps they are monitoring your site and are feeling a little heat).


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