Whaaaat? For Anyone Who Has Lived Through the Past 50 Years, the Statement by Michael Matt --- at another "Protest" ---- this time Silent (But Still Plenty of Words Spoken for French Gallicanism) --- Seems Like Those of Someone Taken Up in an Alien Craft in 1965 and Only Returned (To Minnesota, of all places) in 2020. Gallican-wing of the Novus Ordo Looks Like it is Increasingly Desperate to Shore Up their .001% Base


“The German Bishops’ ‘synodal path’ appears to be an effort to create a church according to the image and likeness of the German Bishops, who apparently believe they can define doctrine and establish their own national Church—a sort of elitist nationalism that flies in the face of the universal Catholic Church, with one faith, one sacramental system, and one discipline throughout the whole world,” stated The Remnant’s Michael Matt at the event’s press conference. 
Dr. Chojnowski: Has the Remnant gone full circle back to 1965? Can it be that we have forgotten that it is not just the "German bishops" that are trying to "define doctrine" in a way that contrasts with the "universal Catholic Church" ---- Excuse me, FRANCIS?????. For that matter, PAUL VI, JOHN PAUL I, JOHN PAUL II, BENEDICT XVI, THE NOVUS ORDO, THE PRAYER MEETING AT ASSISI, THE NEW CODE OF CANON LAW, PACHAMAMA, THE NEW CATECHISM.................
The only question rally remaining is WHAT ARE THESE "PROTESTERS" UP TO? May be we can translate into "reality speak" the words of Michael Matt: "This hundred person silent protest is an effort to create a church according to the image and likeness of the Remnant, Michael Matt, Roberto de Mattei, Chris Ferrara, who apparently believe that they can define doctrine --- against Pope Francis and most all of the bishops in union with him --- and establish their own Gallican Remnant church --- a sort of American conservative elitism --- that flies in the face of the historical universal Catholic Church, which had one faith, one sacramental system, and one discipline in union with the pope and all the bishops who were daily prayed for at Mass as holding the Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Faith and were guaranteed infallible guidance of the flock entrusted to it by Jesus Christ Himself and the Holy Ghost who is One with the Father. " 
The stance of the apostate Modernist German bishops is perfectly understandable to me and to everyone else who has been around for part of the last 50 years at least, what is unbelievably strange to me is the stance and words of those who act as if we are back in 1965 and the only problem is "groovy" clerics pushing "free love." 


  1. Such an extravagance: a flight to Europe for a pathetic demonstration with a missed goal. Let's hope little Greta doesn't notice, because she makes Michael come back across the Atlantic by a rowing boat!

  2. Thank you Dr Chojnowski for exposing Michael Matt's Gallican/Schismatic Church. There is certainly no unity in the Gallican Church because it is splintered into so many sects these days! It's certainly not holy either - contempt of pope and magisterium. Not Catholic. Given the new sacraments it is not Apostolic either. They've never had the Four Marks.

  3. Blood pressure went down 20 points when I cancelled my subscription to the Remnant and other R+R publications and left the Gallican camp seven years ago. It's so good and liberating to finally be Catholic.

  4. Some spiritual entities are tearing the christian west into factions and it isn;t the Holy Spirit.
    Obtain a copy of Michael Hoffman's The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome to connect the threads that have produced this Judeo-Masonic nightmare.

    1. Isn't the book that you're promoting anti-Catholic? Michael Hoffman was infatuated with Protestantism. He's notorious for downplaying the enormous role of the Protestants in the rise of modern industrial usury and shifting the blame onto the Catholic Church. As a historical author, Michael Hoffman cannot be trusted because he is anything but truthful and impartial.


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