There is no Doubt Anymore, that These 4 Bear the Main Responsibility for What Happened to the Real Sister Lucy. Who Were the Minor Players and Who Did What When, Is Still to be Discovered.

"Saint" Paul VI. First to Perpetrate the "Sister Lucy" Imposture.
Appeared with the Fake Sister Lucy Multiple Times from 1982 to 2000. Used Her to Perpetrate the Idea that HE was the Meaning of the Third Secret.
Was in Charge of the Sister Lucy Fraud for 30 Years.

"Saint" John XXIII Spoke of the "Prophets of Doom" on October 11, 1962 (now his "feast day"). Sister Lucy Appears to have been "disappeared" during his time from October 28, 1958 to 1963.


  1. There were many actors in this ruse that began a long time before the Lucy replacement. I think Escriva and Opus Dei are important links in the chain. It is the Opus Dei mafia that has such vital control over the information and news process that is essential to the coverup. They invented a new religion at the council, a religion that would be a deeply falsified version of christianity....a religion to lead the hapless sheep astray a religion within which a poor man can hardly hope to save his soul. A religion that would echo what should have become famous public words by one of the inventors of Nostra Aetate, Rabbi Abraham Herschel....."I want to attack christians in their souls." Is the symbolism of JPll dressing in Judeo high priest garb as he ushered in the new millenium completely lost on us sleep walking pajama people?


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